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Our captains safely sailed through all of the storms on every seas and oceans. They will not teach you just theory but they will give you their own experience. Overnight cruise is waiting for you! More information and program of the courses can be find here.


Volné termíny kapitánských kurzů - NABÍDKA na rok 2019

From To Location Country Price Places Order
13.04.2019 20.04.2019 Zadar Chorvatsko 9900 OCCUPIED Order
11.05.2019 18.05.2019 Zadar Chorvatsko 10500 OCCUPIED Order
22.06.2019 29.06.2019 Zadar Chorvatsko 15900 OCCUPIED Order
21.09.2019 28.09.2019 Zadar Chorvatsko 10500 4 Order

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Total records: 4

Catalogue of captains

  • Martin Víšek

    Martin Víšek

    Number of mileage: around 26.000 Nm Ships: Bavaria, Sas, Elan, Beneteau, Jenneau License number: 35138 Diving licenses AOWD PADI Language: German - intermediate, Russian

  • Mgr. Jan Filip

    Mgr. Jan Filip

    Number of mileage around 14.700 Nm Ships: Bavaria, Sas, Elan, Benetea License number 40343 Diving licences IWD Dive - master Language: German - intermediate, Russian, English

  • Michal Kotrba

    Michal Kotrba

    Number of mileage around 20.000 Nm Ships: Bavaria, Sas, Beneteau, Elan, Jeanneau Voyages: Croatia, Sicily, Corsica, Elba and the Aeolian Islands Language: German, Russian - intermediate, Croatian

  • Petr Havel

    Petr Havel

    Number of mileage more then 25 000 NM. License number: 30207 Ships Bavaria, Sas, Elan, Beneteau, Jenneau, Adria, Y 999 Language: German - intermediate, Russian, Croatian Voyages: Italy, Croatia, Sardinia, Corsica, Elba Diving Licence IANTD N…

  • Václav Raža

    Václav Raža

    Number of mileage - more then 20 500 Ships: Townson 34, Hughes 40, Bavaria, Beneteau Licence Yachtmaster Ocean Language: English


Michal Sehnoutka

Petra Štěpánková

Milan Podpěra

Simona Počtová


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