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slečny na jachtěThose of you, who haven´t tried a taste of morning swimming in the clear water and after that taste of fresh coffee, haven´t known the real rest on holiday. There is no hurry, time is determined by sunrise and sunset and the stress of daily hustle and bustle you leave faraway on the sea-coast. Trust me; you will never want another holiday.


The most beautiful thing is that luxury comfort is spiced by adventure from the cruise, diving and the beauty from wild nature which is available for everyone. Boat rental prices, especially in Croatia are at the same level as the rents for the apartments or hotel accommodations. In addition you can save lots of sums for the rent of boat in big advance or conversely 2-3 weeks before cruise see First Minute. However, you are not tied to one place and you can enjoy a holiday full of experiences and adventure or peace and relaxation. Holiday on the boat is moving by a pace that you specify. When the wind drift in with storm, then the pace will be faster :-)


Why on the yacht with us?

  • • For each cruise with our captain you have the opportunity to make a captain's course without having to go to a specialized course.

  • • We have years of experiences so we take care of our customers even after the holiday in the form of discounts for the next year or up to 50% discount on a ship in the same year.

  • We guarantee better price than our competitors. If you find a competitor offering a better price than we do have in our catalog of ships, contact us and we will try to offer you a better price or better conditions.


If you have a wish to try something new and do not have appropriate privileges or you don´t have enough experience to sail the ship from the port, neither that is a barrier. Our experienced captains take care of you and you can prepare for exams. All you have to do is choose a free boat. The plan of your trip is of course decided by you, captain just approved if it is possible in time you want. Usually you are returning back to the place of your departure. Don´t you have a bunch with whom you would go? We would be glad to introduce you a bunch of friendly people.

jachta zapád slunce


Holiday on the boat provides same quality of standard which you are accustomed in the apartments. The boats are equipped with shower, bathroom, fully equipped kitchen. Cabins are equipped with a full-fledged bed, swap spaces, lamp. Each ship is dominated by the dining table where the crew meets not only for lunch and dinner.


We can only wish you good wind in the sails and lots of wonderful experiences with friends. To book the boat you can use our ship catalogue or you can contact us at and we will create for you a tailor-made offer.

Bavaria záďVideo report from vacation on a yacht

One of our crew bunches properly recorded their expedition. Therefore, we recommend seeing a following miniseries to everyone interested in sailing holidays. Especially for them who have never been on their own sailing holiday. You can find it here.


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