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Our captains safely sailed through all of the storms on every seas and oceans. They will not teach you just theory but they will give you their own experience. Overnight cruise is waiting for you! Even as you have a course you get a license to operate a radio station.


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Information about captain´s courses


1. Type of course – basic internship

nakloněná plachetnice

Stays training at sea for 7 days with education with the required subjects completed with an exam and the certification of authority sail "B" on harbor master in Zadar.


The price includes boat rental, training, studying materials, captain´s services, administrative assistance in completing the forms and official meetings in the day of the exam.


The price does not include transport of attendants (usually after agreement with the attendants), food (cooking is dealt with from attendants own reserves) and the fee for issuing Croatian licenses which is about 855 Croatian Kuna.


Process of the course: On Friday afternoon is departure with direction to Zadar, by previous agreement. Sails are always in the morning on Saturday and begin with a theoretical and practical instruction. Consequently is taking place a theoretical exam on the appropriate harbor master. The certificate is issued immediately. Follow a return to home.


The main practice topics include:

  • 1. Working with the map, topography, safety of the sail, rescue equipment, a description of the craft, craft inspection, basic types of anchoring.
  • 2. Fundamentals of navigation, Fundamentals of radio station and its operation
  • 3. IALA markings, daytime and night-time navigational signs
  • 4. Fundamentals of meteorology, sails and practical application
  • 5. Fundamentals of international law, imperative documentation on the ship
  • 6. Prevention of collisions at sea – COLREG, sound and lights signaling, basic flags and their use
  • 7. Ecology of the sail, fundamentals of first aid


2. Type of course – Improving and extensional

Improving training on the sea in the length of 7-14 days following the basic internship course, focusing on repetition, extension, improvement and fixing knowledge and habits with a focus on safe operation of a motor or sailing boats.


3. Type of course - by special request

Improving training on the sea in the length of 7 days following the basic internship course with coverage of the special requirements of the applicant.


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