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Weekly sail with intensive English education

English language courses and conversations in English are led by Mgr. Kateřina Trdlová. The teacher, who has worked for a longtime with major Czech companies in the position of translator, interpreter, but especially as an English teacher for beginners, intermediate and highly intermediate students within commercial English, banking English and as well normal conversation in English.studentka


Courses under the leadership of this teacher are one of those which are "tailored!” to the customer. You do not speak the language fluently, it´s enough to know the basics and show to speak to everyone. If you are absolute beginner, thanks to the active intensive course you get basics on which you can build. If you are highly intermediate it is up to you what topics or rings you select for conversation (add by light doses of needed grammar).


The cruise can be understood as part of preparation for entrance exams to universities, diplomas at high schools, a certificate from a language (certificate is not included in price).


Why studying on the boat? It offers you a unique opportunity to make full use of free time. It satisfies your body and spirit, without you miss an important part of the unique sport or game in the TV, without your thoughts were interrupted by any obligations that are inseparable linked with the daily routine.


For corporate teams, groups of managers and "team building" seminars focused on English, this course means the possibility how to revive old skills and draw new skills with resolution model situations in different areas of human activity.


Responses of students:

On the boat in the middle of the sea none leave the lesson, the teacher is cool and the lessons are really funny. Warmly recommend.


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